CNC Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting is one the most accurate and time efficient methods used to cut many different types of materials of varying thicknesses. Computer controlled high energy lasers are programmed to maximize the usage of a material by selecting the most efficient way to nest each part, reducing the amount of scrap left behind.

Laser cutting requires no extra tooling costs. Any shape that can be produced by our CAD/CAM software can be cut, meaning that even complex and irregular shapes are easily processed time after time with consistent accuracy and quality. These drawings are sent direct from our design offices to the machine.

No material distortion, no edge witness marks, square cut edges, and close tolerances all mean that laser cutting reduces time spent in other processes needed to produce a final product, allowing Easton Sheet Metal Ltd. to quickly provide quality items to customers, exactly to their specifications.

The combination of our Amada FOL 3015NT laser cutter and ASIII MP tower autoloader allows us to set up several jobs for the machine to process unmanned, meaning we can run our laser machine 24 hours a day to handle large volume orders if necessary.

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